Profit Sharing

QAFF extend our gratitude for your valuable contribution. Our program is administered by a dedicated team of volunteers and students, aimed at fostering an authentic industry experience within a nurturing environment. Sustained by ticket sales, QAFF seeks to illuminate and celebrate the endeavors of creatives. Our collective aspiration is to cultivate an environment where all students, interns, volunteers, and models can truly flourish. For any enquiries, email [email protected].

QAFF have allocated five tickets for your family and friends to witness the event. If you would like to secure these tickets for the show you are participating in, please provide their names and we will hold these tickets as we await payment.

For each ticket sold with your name attached, $10 will be deposited directly to your nominated bank account 21 days after the festival. Please inform your family and friends to indicate your name upon purchasing the tickets.

To opt-in for the Profit Sharing please complete the form below -

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