About QAFF -

Get ready for a spectacular fusion of creativity as we unveil the Queensland Arts and Fashion Festival (QAFF) in 2024! Born from the successful collaboration of Gold Coast Fashion Project, Rise to the Runway, and The Bella Styling Co., QAFF is set to redefine the fashion scene. Each of these entities boasts an extensive history of hosting fashion events with a dedicated focus on community engagement. 

Within this innovative incubator, models, designers, and other creatives are provided with exceptional spaces to explore the intricacies of the fashion industry. They can practice their craft and learn from industry expert mentors and fellow creatives, creating a community that serves as both a personal and professional development platform. 

Excitingly, this year's program kicks off in February with our Brisbane Model Casting Day, leading into 8 weeks of immersive fashion experiences from May 4 to June 29. This extended timeline allows all creatives involved to truly make this experience their own for a duration of 5 months. Our goal is to offer a launch pad for these creatives, propelling them towards international stages. We envision a day when they proudly declare, "I started with the Queensland Arts & Fashion Festival." Adding to the richness of this experience, QAFF includes model casting sessions in three locations, emphasising inclusivity across different communities. 

The festival also features a Health and Wellbeing Media Launch in March, underscoring our commitment to holistic wellness. Moreover, QAFF is open to individuals of all ages, fostering an environment where creativity knows no boundaries. Mentorship within QAFF spans across various levels, catering to both Emerging and Established designers, those building Creative Startup Businesses, as well as individuals in the fields of Photography and Modelling. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that creatives at every stage of their journey receive the support and guidance they need to thrive in the dynamic world of fashion, and we want you to be a part of it. This initiative is not only to showcase an artist’s incredible work but also serve as a platform for personal and personal development. We are proud to bring something far beyond a runway.  

Runway Shows 2024 - 

- Runway 1 - 04 May 2024 - Next Gen Show by Rise to the Runway

- Runway 2 - 11 May 2024 - The Flower Show by The Bella Styling Co.

- Runway 3 - 08 June 2024 - Add to Cart by The Bella Styling Co. & The Brisbane Girl

- Runway 4 - 29 June 2024 - Men's Show by Gold Coast Fashion Project and Rise to the Runway

Number of looks required to showcase -

- Runway 1 - Six Pieces of Male and/or Female looks

- Runway 2 - Thirteen Pieces/Looks of Male and/or Female looks - 10 to showcase + 3 reserves

- Runway 3 - Thirteen Pieces/Looks of Male and/or Females looks - 10 to showcase + 3 reserves

- Runway 4 - Thirteen - Fifteen Pieces/Looks Male Models - 10 to showcase + 3 reserves

*All models will be supplied by QAFF.

Please see Designer Kit for all inclusions. Designer Fees start at $350.00 with payment plan options.

Our Publication - 

Each designer has the opportunity to be featured with their fashion label in Queensland Arts & Fashion Magazine Issue #1 without any additional charges. The magazine will serve as a creative product, album and an exercise for the QAFF 2024 incubator participants.

Please complete the form below with your preferred Runway Show. We will send you a Letter of Offer and once accepted an invoice will be sent to your nominated email address. 

We will require a high-resolution photograph to announce your participation if your application is successful.